Viral Prank Videos: Racist and Dangerous

Remember the time where you would pull a prank on someone and they themselves would find it funny afterwards? These days anyone with a camera and some motivation can create a viral prank video on Youtube with little to no comedic value, while facing the risk of getting beaten or killed. There is no denying that the big trend we are seeing now is videos of pranksters pulling stunts on unsuspecting strangers to capture their reactions. This trend however is seemingly getting more and more dangerous as pranksters fail to find creative prank ideas, and instead endure being chased, beaten and cussed at.


Channels like VitalyzdTv which is run by a guy named Vitaly, have taken part in a new pranking trend-going to lower income neighborhoods or areas which are predominately black, and asking questions that are rude, offensive and inappropriate- to get a rise out of people and achieve more hits on a video.



In this video Vitaly goes to what he calls the literal “hood” and pretends to be a Russian hit man and approaches strangers, handcuffs them to a suitcase-while mumbling Russian into a fake ear piece. The reactions quickly turn sour and nearly get him killed as people become enraged and confused as to why he is doing this “prank” which they do not find amusing nor funny.


Other Youtube channels like OckTV and RomanAtwood have capitalized on going into lower income neighborhoods and have found themselves in situations that have more then once gotten physical. In a video titled “The N Word Prank!!” a white guy walking upto African-Americans and saying “what’s up my neighbor?” and then trying to convince the people he angered that he is nearly filming a “prank”, surely is a safe way to use underlining racism with the hopes of not being punched in the face.



These pranks are not really pranks, just non-creative people catching the reactions of strangers in compromising and unpleasant situations. How far is too far? Even though these viral video makers are clearly putting themselves in danger and know they are risking their lives all for the hopes of some internet fame, young kids watching are attempting to do just the same. These sorts of pranks are not real comedy, and have clear prejudice motives that need to be discouraged. This will help those who do real pranks that are not obnoxious or offensive-receive the attention they deserve.



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