Donald Sterling: The Bigger Picture


As history repeats itself over and over again, it is no surprise that when a story breaks and catches fire, people will come out of the woodwork’s to voice their opinion on a matter they probably never even thought twice about before.

The prime example of this is the KONY 2012 debacle, which was a real and horrific story that was being brought to the world’s attention-yes. As things began to slowly unfold however, we all started taking down our Facebook posts, our mini-rants on our blogs, and decided to hold out on those KONY protests we agreed to attend.

The real question became, how on earth did this many people decide to care about this particular tragic story, and not others? Where were these people when Palestinian children were dying over land wars completely out of their hands? Where was the outrage for the people of Somalia dying of hunger? How come we were not as disgusted or outraged by the American drone strikes killing innocent Pakistani children?

The answer lies in the horrible trend to jump on charity bandwagons that catch some attention. Ironic to say the least. Once things literally become trending (hashtag popular of course), then the world’s great big cloak is lifted, and those who were ignorant to everything bad in the world, can get a chance to become up and arms about a cause, probably similar to another cause they overlooked a week prior.

Which leads us to the great legacy of Donald Sterling. Spokesperson for racism in 2014. Paula Deen may step off the famous white racist throne now. The conversation that had unfolded between Donald Sterling and his supposed lover/best friend were exposed to the world, and they were bad, and we should be angry, there is no doubt about that. Except when we look at Donald Sterling’s past and realize that he had a history of racism, actual hurtful racism that affected peoples lives, then the question stands, where the hell were all these people then?

Bomani Jones, a co-host on the sports talk show Highly Questionable, went on SportsCenter to discuss his views on the whole situation and laid out some startling facts, and yes they are startling because all we have been able to swallow is Donald Sterling’s insecurities about his girlfriend hanging out with black men.

Jones speaks on the conversation between V. Stiviano and Donald Sterling as being so awkward and pushed, that it almost seemed comedic. Let alone the real racism Donald Sterling unleashed, had caused some serious damage. Donald was sued in 2003 by the Department of Justice for refusing to rent houses to blacks and latino’s in Korea town, and ended up paying one of largest sum’s of money for a case of that nature. Jones rips into the hypocrisy of people who are wanting Donald Sterling’s head on a stick, which is where it should have been years ago when this story broke. Jones goes on to describe the inner cities of Chicago in the 60’s where blacks were denied housing and were forced to stay in the ghetto’s, thus keeping them from achieving higher living standards.

This is the real hypocrisy. This is where we stomp our feet and cry injustice. It’s only a matter of time till everyone goes back to their reality shows and cat memes, and the story of Donald Sterling will be a mere time stamp in history to prove that racism was still alive and thriving in the year 2014.


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