Real Life “Suits” Story

You would think a powerhouse company like Wal-Mart would be able to do their job when it comes to hiring the best of the best to help run their grossly successful company. David Tovar had been working for the company for eight years as the vice president of communications, until he was caught lying on his resume where he was exposed for not graduating college.

Tovar was applying for a position that was higher up in the company, which is when the lie was caught through screening for this new position. As to why he didn’t finish his degree, Tovar had this to say, “I got a job and never looked back. I really didn’t think an art degree would matter in communications, which was the field I went into,” he said.

The popular television show Suits, plays the story of a young genius who got kicked out of his college for writing someone else’s test, therefore never being able to attend law school. Despite this major problem, he ends up impressing a big shot lawyer and working for one of the best law firms in NYC.

However, this is not television where David Tovar gets to keep his job and go on to be rich and successful. After finding out he holds no degree, Wal-Mart told him that he cannot get promoted any further within the company. Tovar respects Wal-Mart’s decision and has decided the best thing for him to do is leave.

“I am leaving on good terms and Walmart has been very supportive. I am still here a few more weeks.” he said.

This isn’t the first time someone has been caught lying on their resume and had to take a hike. David Edmondson resigned from being RadioShack’s chief executive in 2006 after being exposed for lying about having two college degrees—when he really had none.



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