New York City Climate Change March on the Heels of the UN Climate Summit

Thousands of people marched throughout New York City to protest climate awareness on Tuesday, joining the thousands of others all across different cities in America. The march was brought upon by the recent UN summit on climate change. More than 120 heads of state discussed national plans of action. Noticeably absent however, was Stephen Harper who was addressing the UN General Assembly in New York. Some big Hollywood stars were also in attendance in the protest like actors Leonardo Dicaprio and Mark Ruffalo. The march took place to put pressure on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, in hopes that the UN will reach a global climate deal.


During the opening ceremony for the summit, a poet by the name of Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner recited a powerful poem which shamed world leaders for not acting on climate change.

What came about from the summit was a big wake up call for world leaders that climate change is here, and we are feeling the affects of it. Plans for further funding of greenhouse gas was agreed upon, as well as more funding for the prevention of global warming.


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