The Woman’s March 2017: Largest Protest in Inauguration History


A sea of pink washed over Washington on Friday as The Women’s March on Washington garnered almost 500,000 protestors standing against President Donald Trump.

The Women’s March was broadcasted throughout the world alongside the Inauguration happening at the same time, with Crowd Scientists stating that the march had more than three times the amount of people than the Inauguration.

Thousands of men and women took to the streets to condemn the new President and his remarks made throughout the campaign including his intent to build a wall between US and Mexico, the mocking of a disabled reporter and the infamous Billy Bush scandal where he explicitly talks about grabbing women on their privates without consent.


The demonstration didn’t just draw in Americans, millions across the world marched the day after in solidarity. Over 600 sister marches took place on Saturday, with 30 of those in Canada. An estimated 60,000 protestors gathered outside the Ontario legislature in Toronto to send a strong message to the newly elected American President: We will not be silent.

Mr.Trump headed to Twitter to respond to the march, stating that the people who are protesting in large numbers were missing when it came to vote.

He surprisingly than made another statement claiming that even though he disagrees, he still believes in the right to peaceful protest.

Whether or not policies under his administration challenge the livelihood of millions of American women, the statement is clear—the resistance has just begun.









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